2010-05-16 05:48:34 by SAK

oh i guess im not


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2010-05-17 10:47:49

THis May:
THE KK come back.
THe SS come back.
anyone other?


2010-05-18 13:31:05

i are gon maek a kk flasz


2010-05-18 13:58:56

LMAO! Pokemon!

Is it pokemon?


2010-05-20 12:45:52

if you like my penis going into your mouth, you don't have to do it while i sleep - we can just DO that


2010-05-21 17:33:54

I have a SUB5 Musicman 5 string bass guitar (very satisfied).

But unfortunately, I have not developed the taste to play the lower B string, and was motivated to do something special with it.

Ive got my motivation when I saw a concert with a bassist playing his guitar with a bow thats meant for a upright bass. The performance was intriguing, but the sound was distorted, assuming due to the rough metal string.

So I thought why not replace the B string of mine with a smoother upright bass or chello string of 'E'?

So initially I brought this to a shop for some advice, and unfortunately uprgith string's starting bit (the colorful part) was overlapping the bass guitar pickup, in conclusion the upright string was too long.

So I was wondering if anyone out there who has done this kind of modification or heard which may lead me to successfully finishing my project?

Also is there any issues with pickup, amp, or bridge dimensions that Im not aware of that may conlcude this project to be impossible?

Thank you for your time.
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